If money is what you need to be rich, Christ is what you need to be wealthy The blessing of God is not moneytary, but it is the life of Christ inside you. Men only discovered the secret of wealth, they didn’t create it. Working is a channel of blessing, not a source of blessing. The anointing of the righteous is a curse on the unjust. The anointing of God is a symbol of consecration and lifting. The greatest testimony a man can hold unto is standing as a witness of | for Christ. The proof of all prophets is not in the numbers of vision seen, but in the level of their authority in Christ. A life controlled by Christ, controls all situations. Every man of the force need a force to keep his mandate on. When you submit yourself under the authority of Christ, you will become sufficient for all situation. Exploration of the Saint through fake prophesies is an act of a vagabond. Your making is a process that can only be perfected in your fellowship with God. Walking in your own will, put you on the wheel of destruction. Genuine achievement is not only measured by earthly substances, but its ability to keep you on the track of purpose. The failure of a single year may connote a life time failure, if you remain your previous self. Worldly activeness is a type of spiritual dullness. The weakness of the flesh is an avenue for failure if not conquered. An opened eyes don’t describe consciousness but an active Spirit/mind. Been endowed is not as important as channeling your potency right. Love put man in the doing of God, and anything outside Love is outside God.


The vision of the establishment of this Christian organization was revealed to the founder of this ministry, Reverend Ademola Michael Afolabi who became the first General Overseer of the Ministry.


Preaching The WORD OF GOD To Liberating The World


Raising Disciples For CHRIST, to form CHRIST in their Heart.