Thanks to God it’s Friday, a period to refresh ourselves, but not to be domant.

I shared with you last week the need to do away with relunctant attitudes, to operate with the strength of the new year.

Today, I’m sharing with you a message titled “CHANNEL YOUR STRENGTH RIGHT”

The experience and the revelation of the word had revealed it that a wrong channel brings a wrong result.

Facing hardship doesn’t really mean lack of potentials, been endowed is not as important as channeling your potency right.

The fall of a champion doesn’t connote lack of power, but a revelation of his weakness. The weakness is not mostly something lacking, but something that is not done rightly.

The fall of Samson is the right pointer, Samson fell for his weakness not for lack of ability.

This year, let it not be a shocker that many champions will fail and fall, not because they want to, but for the fact that wrong application maybe taken.

Keep watch at your applications.


Rev. Ademola Afolabi
234 803 713 2620


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