I bless God for another opportunity received to be a living, and I pray that we continually find His grace in all things, Amen.

On our course, in the last episode to discover the hardness in the heart, I said having the identity of Christ free you from every negative influence or impact of the past, but when you tarry in it, you are subjected to its generating reproach.

Today our sub-topic is titled ‘Dead, but existing’.

Anyone in this situation is worthless, is someone who is potentially dead.

“But now thy kingdom shall not continue: the LORD hath sought him a man after his own heart, and the LORD hath commanded him to be captain over his people, because thou hast not kept that which the LORD commanded thee.”
1 Samuel 13:14

The only thing that kills a man is his arrogance when guilty of sin. It distance you from your Maker and kills you potentially.

King Saul in the scripture above was arrogantly walking away from the will of God. He was giving excuses for his shortcomings with unrepentant heart.

The best way to move away from failure is to move closer to God. Reconcile with Him today so as to rejoice all time long.

I pray that God grant us the grace to live up to His expectations, Amen.


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