Happy new week to the body of Christ, I pray that all our projections that align with the purpose of God for our lives will manifest in the Jesus mighty name, Amen.

Last week I made known to you that we are all on a journey of test, whoever fails or passes can only be told by our purpose/destiny.

Today, I will be sharing with you a topic “Yet, there is a journey”

Yet, there is a journey, and there is a light. The confidence of a man approaching a problem with a smile is the certainty of the solution he possess.

Confusion is a fruit of darkness, why then will a man smile when he is about entering or to be put in a confusing situation.

The commandment of God for the presence of light manifest a personality, a personality called CHRIST. Any man or women that this personality qualifies, becomes like Him.

Such are not frustrated by confusion, but frustrates confusing situations.

Have you been qualified by the personality called Christ ?

Rev. Ademola Afolabi
234 803 713 2620


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