The Lord God has again grant us mercy to witness another month, Glory be to the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Today, I will be sharing with you a message titled “DIVINE LEADING”

My exposition will be different in addressing and presenting the topic before me.
I pray that God grant us understanding to comprehend His Word, Amen.

If there is no purpose,there will be no journey.If there is no journey, there wouldn’t be need for a leading. Everyone aims at a destination, because there is a destiny, and there is a purpose.

Purpose is the judge of every sojourner, the fun or pain experienced on a journey may not count if the course is not in alignment with the purpose of your journey.

We are all on a journey of test, who fails or passes can only be told by our purpose/destinies. The attachments that comes along our journey are not the priority, but the purpose of which we are on this journey.

Confusion entered the life of man immediately he was driven out from the garden of Eden.The generation of man lost his way, and to have a clear projection of his purpose became something difficult.

Yet, this is a journey that has just begun.

Rev. Ademola Afolabi
234 803 713 2620


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