Glory, honour and adoration to our King, for He is who He is, and He has made us who we are in Him. It’s a great privilege worthy of our praise, Hallelujah.

Last week I made known and clear, the essence of changing your old ways of reasoning; pointing out that what you nurtured inside of you matters in the matter of your life.

This week, I will be sharing a topic tagged, ” KEEPING THE FEAST ALIVE”

What is a feast: A feast is originally an unenclosed meal, shared with delightful hearts.

But when flesh hijacks a feast, it takes away the originality and reshapes it with the contents of the fruit of the flesh.

In such a gathering, you will see people in a merrying mood but with deep hatred towards each other.

You will see outward smiles and inward malice, people may preach love but wickedness is what they would exhibit.

Christ made himself a bread for the communion of the saint, to keep the feast alive is to keep the nature of Christ alive in us.

It’s a feast that requires sincere love and truth.
I pray that the grace to keep Christ alive in us will be released unto us in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

Rev. Ademola Afolabi
234 803 713 2620


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