Happy new day to you all in Christ, I pray, this shall be a blissful one in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

In our last episode, I identified one of the reasons why revival tarries as lack of genuine men of passion. Today, I will be sharing with you “Lack of Genuine Men of Passion (Part 2)”

It’s a pity today that men of God are not rising to the task of their calling, they are far from the frame of the commission in which they are called, they are gradually turning to men and women of mere materials.

As a pastor, your home is yet to be identified with Christ, what’s your claim?
It’s not what you claim, but the reality of your life and living. You can’t win the soul of your wife; your children are still wayward, how then will you win others’ when you are yet to win your home?
I don’t know what we are doing as pastors when the souls of our fathers and mothers are perishing and still dormant.

What will be your account as a steward?

There was and is an internal decay in the Christendom. Men of God are turning out to be unfit for the task of this commission. They are physically attractive, but  spiritually ugly. They are eloquent in their preachings but their words cannot redeem a fly.

The primary objective of our calling is unknown to many, and their offices are been abused. Men of God are turning into entertainers; preachers are training to be comedians. What a shame?

I pray that the grace of God for the right passion abides in us, Amen

Rev. Ademola Afolabi


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