I am using the medium to say a Happy New year to you once again, and I pray that the quickening Spirit of God will journey this year with us in Jesus mighty name, Amen.


I will start this year with a question, WHY STILL AT SLEEP?


The failure of a single year may connote a life time failure, if you remain your previous self.


Nothing may come anew when living your old life in a new year, and when walking the path of God with worldly yoke(s), this, will definitely push you off the kingdom lane.


Worldly activeness is a type of spiritual dullness, and being dull spiritually is a type of spiritual slumber. This is one cogent reason why your previous years failed to yield positively as expected.


Wakeup now, it’s day time, warm up for the year activities, to stay awake is to stay active, and to be active is to be relevant.


Do you say the year is still fresh? Yes, but it’s contents are ripe for food.




Rev. Ademola Afolabi


234 803 713 2620


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